About me

Who am I?

My name is Renata Janczak and I'm a wedding planner or your wedding consultant.

I always treated organizing events as a challenge. I liked to create my vision of celebration and coordinate the process of its implementation. Always gave me great pleasure to design my private events, but my party were never artificial, I always managed to achieve the effect of authenticity and spontaneity. I am a citizen of the world, I travel a lot and I know that nowadays everything we just imagine is at your fingertips. To keep abreast of global trends wedding, I also know qualities of the classics, which gives me a complete picture of the possibilities in this field.

My story.

When I said YES to the proposal of my husband, I realized that in front of me organize the most important event in my life.
From the beginning I knew how my dream wedding should look like, I had specific ideas on the subject. I wanted everyone to feel the uniqueness of my loved ones that day, I had a lot of conversations, I gathered their opinions and impressions. A wedding is a unique event and I wanted everything to be perfectly prepared to live spontaneously in such moments.

What do I do?

I must admit that during these four months from engagement to marriage many times, I felt the lack of a person who got this done for me, coordinating everything. It was after my wedding, my love and my big day .. I had a great desire to be simply a hero of the event, meanwhile, I worked hard for the success of our wedding and wedding party. I had tempted to pass realization of my idea to someone who will take care of this professionally. Thus was born the idea of becoming a wedding planner. I felt that I have all the abilities and skills that have nothing to do others in organizing the wedding of your dreams.

I know that life is made up of details and know their weight, so I decided to acquire the necessary qualifications. I completed the training and received certification - Gold Wedding Planner - Perfect Day Wedding Academy.