with consultant

Step by step.

Arrange a casual meeting.
Sign a contract.
Establishing conception of ceremonial.
Choosing place.
Budget optimization.
Current service.
Wedding script.
Coordination of the ceremony.


1. Are you working with people living abroad ?

Yes, my offer is also working with those living abroad and foreigners and includes:

- present a list of documents necessary to enter into a civil marriage or concordat both Polish citizens as well as foreigners,
- organization sworn translation of documents,
- organization sworn to the wedding ceremony. I contact my customers by phone, Skype, email or any other way.

2. When should we come to the consultant?

The sooner you come to me, the more possibilities we have. Wider choice of places, subcontractors other details of the project, which is a wedding.

3. What is a wedding consultant and what specifically do?

Wedding consultant, or a wedding planner is the person who deals with the following tasks:

- professionally engaged in the preparations for the wedding,
- negotiates favorable price and best quality services with catering companies, owners, florists, cameramen, photographers, etc.
- presents current trends in wedding fashion and weddings parties,
- offers original wedding attractions and surprises.

4. What is coordination and what is the role of the consultant on the wedding day?

The tasks of the consultant that day should

- discrete ensuring the proper conduct of wedding and the wedding party,
- oversee the work of business partners and the execution of orders,
- support and assistance in emergency situations.

5. Why at all we should hire the consultant wedding?

Cooperation with consultant guarantees you:

- saving time - consultant offers a suite of validated and optimal proposal from the current offer,
- peace of mind - consultant takes care of everything on the spot, especially important when bride and groom staying outside the place appointed for wedding and do not have time to deal with the preparations, eg. due to work,
- optimal and predetermined budget,
- limits stress - consultant watches over all appointments, payments, resolve doubts and possible conflict,
- certainty - a wedding consultant knows the rules of civility and advises in all choices.

6. How much are the services?

Everything depends on the scope of services chosen by you, price is determined individually at first noncommittal meeting.

If you have not found answer to your question, feel free to contact us!


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