• presentation of current wedding trends,
  • determine the overall style of celebration or leitmotif,
  • setting room,
  • musical organization for ceremonial and wedding party: choosing musicians, bands, DJ.
  • organization architectural lighting for wedding hall,
  • arrangement attractions.


  • preparation of the preliminary wedding celebration budget,
  • determine the optimal estimate,
  • ensure that any payment is made,
  • settlement with business partners.


  • maintained in a selected style and color of flowers, fabrics , props and other visual elements,
  • decoration of the church or the open air at the place of marriage,
  • Arranging the hall or tent,
  • styling of the car.


  • make a list of documents necessary to conclude marriage (civil or concordat)
  • completion and submission of documents in the suitable office and the parish office.


  • we personally take care of the matter, scenario, and wedding party.

Dance lessons

  • we organize individual dance lessons to the bride and groom could present themselves to visitors in spectacular dance.


  • the appropriate choice of menus and drinks and alcohol,
  • selection of themed buffet, including sweet buffet - a candy bar.

Unique place

  • choosing original and best places to organize a wedding party,
  • booking selected location in suitable time.


  • offers of attractive places for honeymoon, an overview of the hotel,
  • booking hotel and tickets.


  • organization of photographic wedding reportage, artistic session and / or outdoor session,
  • organization of film wedding reportage.


  • professional advice in choosing the appropriate styling for newlyweds in a selected style harmonized with the whole ceremony,
  • the choice of wedding dress the bride and groom,
  • organization of makeup for test and final,
  • organization hairstyles for test and final.

Wedding cake

  • choice and order a wedding cake.


  • Thanks for visitors will be a nice souvenir for all the participants of the ceremony and the proof of newlyweds memory.


  • organization of a complete wedding stationery: wedding invitations, vignettes, guests board with the plan of tables, menu cards consistent with the theme of the celebration.